Demo Reel

I am looking for a job as a photojournalist. My updated reel has footage I can't publicly post yet. Contact me for the link at: Scroll down for more videos.

Luna park Chalk Festival 2015

Listen to interviews of artists who participated in creating a world of color to Luna Park in San Jose.

Opera Unstaged

First Street Opera brings opera to public venues like Caffe Frascati and The Rockbar Theater in San Jose. Find out how the audiences react to these unconventional performances.

Let's Get this Party Roling

Take a look at what happens at San Jose Bike Parties. Along with interviews of a founder and participant on how the event got started and what keeps them coming back.

The San Jose Ultras

Dan Margarit leads the San Jose Ultras during all of the Earthquakes home games. He explains what the group aims to achieve and how forming the Ultras has changed his experience of following the Earthquakes.

The Pinball Pirate

Pinball technician, Christopher Kuntz, serves as the doctor of pinball machines on the west coast. He explains how he got into pinball, what it takes to repair a pinball machine and his thoughts on the pinball convention, California Extreme.

Extreme Volunteering

A look behind the scenes at the volunteers who make California Extreme, possible. Michelle Morris, Dan Amrich and Jonathan Koople explain what they do for the pinball and coin operated convention, and what they get out of the experience.

MLB Changes

Major League Baseball is implementing changes to the way the 2015 season will be played. See what rules will be added to the new season.

The Fencing Center

Welcome to the sport where you can live your childhood fantasies. This video explains fencing and provides one location where you can learn the sport.

SJSU Bike Rack Relocation

SJSU will be relocating the bike racks on campus durinthe the summer of 2015. See the reasons why and how the changes will effect students next fall.

Overcoming the Sound Barrier

A high school, hot shot basbketball player with a severe hearling loss has found a way to overcome her challenges in both academics and basketball.